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Raw material:LDPE Place of Origin:Chongqing
Condition: New Loading Port:Chongqing
Product description:This machine is of advanced structure with reliable performance and high-grade automation. It is easy to handle and maintain.And its output is high.epe foam board, epe machine, foam machine, foam board,foam machine
Chongqing Bishan Jiecheng Plastic Co., Ltd
Company type: Manufacturer Credit:
Main products:EPE Foam Machine, XPS Foam Machine, Net Machine
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Equipped with frequency conversion soft start-up device, and it will save 30% electricity; applied PLC and solid-state no spark heating control technology for temperature control, safe and stable; adopted 12HP dual-system, dual-cold and high pressure cold planish machine in cooling control system; applied oil heating and cooling design to the screw to decrease scale, extend devices service time, save water, and no longer use recycling water; with dual-vacuum online pinhole mounting hole endothermic and special design for board cutting control system, it integrated producing and edge trimming in one, convenient for operating, controlling and reducing the space.

JC-FPB120/170 JC-FPB135/180 JC-FPB150/200 JC-FPB180/250 JC-FPB200/300
Screw Dia.(mm) Ø120/Ø170 Ø135/Ø180 Ø150/Ø200 Ø180/Ø250 Ø200/Ø300
product width(mm) 300-800 400-900 500-1000(flat-die) 2200(round-die) 600-1100(flat-die) 2200(round-die) 600-1200(flat-die) 2200(round-die)
Product Thickness Range(mm) 20-25 35-45 25-50 40-80 50-100
Output (Approx)(kg/h) 250-300 300-350 400-650 550-850 650-900
Installed Power 230 260 280 350 450

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