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Company Introduction
Kingsman Mechanical & Equipment Co.,Ltd
Year Company Registered: 2008 Business Type: Manufacturer
Country: China Area: Jiangsu Suzhou Total No. Employees: 25
Main Products: Extrusion blow molding machine;blow moulding machine ; moulds
Company Overview

KINGSMAN (ZHANGJIAGANG) MECHANICAL & EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD Located in ZhangJiaGang city, China Yangtze river delta area, the highly developed manufacturing and foreign trade zone , they are both modern factory with independent R&D capability and excellent manufacturing technology.

KINGSMAN has long-term focus on research and development for high-end blow molding equipment with European technology. we have professional team with more than 20 years of industry experience,. KINGSMAN will become the most professional R&D center of China blow molding machinery industry.

Today, our company had already provide comprehensive and mature blow molding solution to our customer. We developed new four series (small, medium, large, and high speed type), 20 various types of blow molding machine, to produce all kinds of products from 100 ml to 10000 L ,and various special-shaped products such as: bottles, POTS, cans, chemical drums, bed board, desktop board, seats, auto duct, automotive interior trim panels, roadblocks code (water), guardrail (barriers), 220 L (single and double L ring drums), blow molding tray, IBC container drums, large water storage tank, surfboard, canoeing and large double color molding parts, etc.

Following our mission: creating value for customers, saving cost for customer, our company developed and commercialized the China leading technology of multiple-layer (up to 7 layer compound) and fully automatic double-color co-extrusion blow molding machine.

Main Products
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