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Date Posted:2018-05-18

Complete line for bottles

Buyer: Mr Amar
Country / Region: India
5 | 20 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now We are looking HDPE, pet grenuals machine Preform machines Injection blow moulding machines A complete plant for 5000 bottles per hour production, Please check product pictures
Categories:Blow Molding Machine,PET Perform Injection Molding Machine,Recycling/Granulator
Date Posted:2018-05-18

Moulds for buckets

Buyer: Mr Gunesh Gore
Country / Region: India
8 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now I am looking for Moulds of All types of paint buckets in all sizes, Please send your company profile and mail id, Thanks Gunesh Gore
Categories:Injection Mould
Date Posted:2018-05-17

Disposable cup making machine

Buyer: Mr Jay Sahu
Country / Region: India
0 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now Hi,Im interested in your product disposable plastic cup glass making machine, I would like some more details.I look forward for your reply.please contact my what's up please give me details your product and given price this product Regards, Jay Sahu
Categories:Vacuum Forming/Thermoforming Machine
Date Posted:2018-05-16

Plasitc recycling machine

Buyer: Mr Eddy Macauley
Country / Region: Nigeria
5 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now Good morning I need Plastic Recycling machine, want to recycle Anything plastics, I want to know more details.
Date Posted:2018-05-16

Vertical injection molding machine

Buyer: Mr Hiren Bhatt
Country / Region: India
4 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now Good morning I am looking for vertical injection molding machine for reselling, please contact for more details
Categories:Injection Machine
Buyer: Mr Akshay
Country / Region: India
2 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now We looking injection molding machine & cabel tie mould, : Send me machine technical details & prise with servo & without servo 80ton ,100ton 120ton,150ton ,200ton Tell me your website on Alibaba
Categories:Injection Machine
Date Posted:2018-05-16

Sheet machine for stone paper

Buyer: Mr Mohamad Amijadi
Country / Region: Iran
4 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now Hi, how are you?I hope see you in iran for new project. We need plastic sheat machine for stone paper material. We want buy machine for product, This martial is 80% caco3 + 20% PE,It’s like paper and sheat Plast Please send more details
Categories:Sheet/Profile Machinery
Date Posted:2018-05-16

Blow molding machine

Buyer: Mr Hosein Mansoori
Country / Region: Iran
1 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now Pls show me ur semi auto blow molding machine 2 cavity for jar pet bottle and drink bottles
Categories:Blow Molding Machine
Country / Region: India
5 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now I am looking for round and flat drip pipe making machine, want to know more details
Categories:Pipe Machinery
Date Posted:2018-05-15

Printing machine

Buyer: Mr Mitiku
Country / Region: Ethiopia
0 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now We are Looking to buy Laboratory Equipments 1. Ink Jet Printer for Polyethylene Film u quality 1 set 2. HDPE Pipes Typing (Straping) Machine with Accessories Qty 1 set Prepare me your Qotations and details specification and send me by email Also: 1. UV VIS NIR Spectro Photo Meter 1 sets 2. FTIR Spectro Photo Meter 1 sets Please prepare and send me 1. Product Catalogue 2. Product ISO or Equivalent 3. Quotaion by your own Specifications
Categories:Plastic Printing Machine
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