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Buyer: Mr Lare Noe
Country / Region: Togo
1 | 20 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now Dear Sir/Madam, I'd like to request a quotation including full product details. -Thermoforming plastic plat for fast food machine -Thermoforming plastic cup machine -Drinking straw machine I have attached Sample pictures We want that 3 machine all CIF LOME PORT You can contact me through whatsapp or email I am waiting for your reply Regards, LARE Noe
Categories:Vacuum Forming/Thermoforming Machine,Special Pipe Extruder
Date Posted:2017-12-13

PET Glass Thermal Forming Machine

Buyer: Mr Rajesh Verma
Country / Region: India
1 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now We are looking for plastic glass manufacturing machine for 200 ml glass.I have attached glass pictures, please contact me on wechat or whatsapp for more details and quotation. Regards, Rajesh Verma
Categories:Vacuum Forming/Thermoforming Machine
Date Posted:2017-12-13

PVC Compound Production Line

Buyer: Mr Magdi Ibrahim
Country / Region: Egypt
8 | 20 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now Hi, I am interested in PVC production line pvc compound I want details about PVC powder and granules machine and the pipe production line, as I attached pictures. Please send me details, pictures, prices and daily output capacity per hour. I am looking forward to your reply. You can contact me on whatsapp or facebook Regards, Magdi Ibrahim Khadr plast
Categories:Recycling/Granulator,Pipe Machinery
Date Posted:2017-12-12

Blow Molding Machine

Buyer: Mr Ahmed Masoud
Country / Region: Sudan
3 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now Greetings We are going to start a new company for producing HDPE and PET bottles. and looking for the HDPE and PET blow molding machine. You can contact me on whatsapp Can you offer me this machine I need full PDF details and price CIF sudan Regards Ahmed Masoud
Categories:Blow Molding Machine
Date Posted:2017-12-12

Syringe Injection Molding Machine

Buyer: Mr Vidya Kumar
Country / Region: India
0 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now Dear , I am looking for the Syringe injection molding machine and mold to produce the syringes, I have attached a picture. If you have, please contact me,wechat or whatsapp or email. I am looking forward to hear from you. Regards, Vidya Sagar
Categories:Special Injection Machine
Date Posted:2017-12-12

WPC machine

Buyer: Mr Amir Adzikic
Country / Region: Croatia
5 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now Dear sir can you send us offer for two different capacity of wood wpc decking extrusion machine? Please send me two separate bids for smaller capacity machines and machine tools with higher production capacity per day and how much power needed for sawdust, mulberry, and extruder mixing machine for blast chop saw and polyethylene and glue and paint and other ingredients, Also give me the price of the tool for the boards, the apodkonstrukcijske letve, the finishing angles as well for the beams 70 x 70 mm and the beams 140 x 40 mm and the pergolas pergola 200 x 50 mm, the length will be matched to determine 2800 mm or 2900 mm.
Categories:Wood Plastic Machine
Buyer: Mr Paradise Mushambadzi
Country / Region: South Africa
1 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now Dear sir, I am looking for the Complete PET Bottle Pure/ Mineral Water Filling Production Line, the bottle are from Different size 330ML up to 5ltr, if you can supply, please contact me through whatsapp or email. Looking forward to your reply. Regards, Paradise Mushambadzi
Categories:Packing Machine
Date Posted:2017-12-11

Plastic recycling machine

Buyer: Mr Mohamed
Country / Region: Egypt
5 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now I am looking for plastic recycling machine for plastic bags. If you can supply, please send me quotation and more details of this machine.
Date Posted:2017-12-11

Non-woven Bag Embossing Machine

Buyer: Mr Shiva Kh
Country / Region: Iran
2 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now Hi, I’m interested in your product 1.6m nonwoven embossing machine, we need nowoven embossing machine for laminated nonwoven and without lamination; I would like some more details, Pls send quotation for both machine ultrasonic and normal one I look forward for your soon reply. Regards, shiva kh farachap company I use whatsapp
Categories:Film Embossing machine
Date Posted:2017-12-11

Vacuum Packaging Machine

Buyer: Mr Mohamed Mahin
Country / Region: Maldives
1 | 10 Availability
Detailed Requirement: Quote Now Hi, I’m interested in Vacuum Packing Machine,like I attached picture, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply. Text me on whatsapp Please do Forward me invoice including shipping charges and bank details to make the payment and to shipping the below address. Thank you. Company name: Tuna Works Registration number: C-0722/2017 Contact name: Mohamed Mahin Address: Beynf Villa Road: Majeedhi Magu Postal Code: 20259 City: Male' Country: Maldives Regards, Mohamed Mahin
Categories:Vacuum Forming/Thermoforming Machine
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