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PlastFocus 2022
Date: 2022.03.05 -  2022.03.09  (in 184 days)
Venue: India Expo Centre
Cycle: triennial
Location: New Delhi  India
Location Time: (UTC +5:30)
Fair Organizer
Triune Exhibitors Pvt Ltd.
+91-80 43307474 / +91 80 22352770 - 71
+91 80 22352772
#25, 3rd Floor, 8th Main Road, Vasanthnagar, Bangalore - 560 052. INDIA
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Selected Products
Fair Introdution:
Plastfocus 2022- An Evolved Plastics Exhibition for the best plastics manufacturing technologies. After the resounding success of Indiaplast 2019 in February, PMMAI and Triune Exhibitors Pvt Ltd bring to you Plastfocus 2022- An Evolved plastics exhibition. India's emergence as the leading global hub for plastics manufacturing and processing entails a congregation of all Plastics manufacturers and dealers from across the world to present the best plastics manufacturing technologies. Be a Part of the Evolution- Participate in PlastFocus 2022, India's flagship event in the field of plastics, raw materials, processing machinery and finished goods. Plastfocus 2022 will also be held at India’s best trade fair venue- India Expo Mart Centre in Greater Noida. Just an hour's drive from the nation’s capital Delhi, the venue, renowned for superlative facilities with ergonomically laid out exhibition halls, has remarkable connectivity from the Airport, Highway, Railway & Cargo Port.
Product Groups:
Blow Moulding Machines,Injection Moulding Machines,Rotating Moulding Machines,3D Printing Machines,Post Processing / Converting Machines,Printing & Finishing Machines,Bag & Sack Making Equipments,Rubber Processing Equipment,Plastics Welding Equipment,Extruders & Extrusion lines,Vaccum & Thermoforming Machines,Packaging Machines,Preprocessing and Recycling Machines,Reactive or Reinforced Resins Machines,Recycling Machines,Measurement & Testing Equipment,Parts & Components,Auxiliary & Testing Equipment
Advertisement board white foaming agent sodium bicarbonate
NC foaming agent for PVC WPC board
WPC foaming regulator
Paper Lamination Machine
Foam Laminatiing Machine(climbing pad)
Double Side Film Laminating
Region: Chongqing   Chongqing
EPE Foam Pipe/Rod
EPE Foam Pipe/Rod
XPS Foam Decorative Strip Production Line
Raw material:LDPE
Condition: old
Loading Port: Chongqing

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